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Social benefits compose the major part of a worker's accumulated "nest egg".
Any employee, therefore, faces the highest risk of losing or making money while
making pension plans. The budget for social benefits accounts for the second
largest expense of any organization following the payroll.

"ROLL PENSION CONSULTING LTD" specializes in consulting as opposed to insurance package sales that include consulting.

"ROLL PENSION CONSULTING LTD" consultants are highly experienced and have been in the financial field for many years (up to 28 years of working experience).
We are readt to assist in all our fields of expertise, include taxes, employment contracts and investment channels.
Our team of consultants includes economists, actuaries and insurance and
pension college graduates.

"ROLL PENSION CONSULTING LTD" clients benefit from running updates
related to changes and innovations in the financial and tax employment laws field.

"ROLL PENSION CONSULTING LTD" clients enjoy lower costs in the financial
field and receive maximum benefits from all social benefit providers.

We pledge: "confidence, reliability and above all impartiality"
We pledge: "Professional service and availability at reasonable costs"

"ROLL PENSION CONSULTING LTD" provides solutions for firms and individuals.

"ROLL PENSION CONSULTING LTD" has developed a unique consulting model for Hi-Tec and industrial companies.
Our representatives are always at your service, ready to introduce to all aspects in our field of expertise.

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